(W)holistic Health looks not just to the physical health of the individual, but to the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects, too. And holistic health includes not just the individual on their own, but the systems of which the individual is part. We cannot exclude discussions about the health of families, communities, economies, polities, schools, or the ecology of the Earth, in our quest for health. 

    I rant a lot about how issues of health are intertwined with the challenges of our day. 

How we treat ourselves:

Food. Exercise. Relaxation. Meaningful activity.

How we treat others:

Compassion. Family. Relationships. Community.

How we treat the planet:

Sustainability. As consumers and citizens.

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Massage Therapist

Holistic Health Practitioner

By Appointment Only

Monday: 10 - 7

Tuesday: 10 - 7

Wednesday: 3:30 - 7:30

Thursday: 10 - 7

Friday: 10 - 4

60 minute massage

1 hr 15 mins   $85

90 minute massage

1 hr 45 mins   $115

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